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Butte County comprises the Chico, CA Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is in the California Central Valley, north of the state capital of Sacramento. Butte County is known as the “Land of Natural Wealth and Beauty.”
Butte County is watered by the Feather River and the Sacramento River. Butte Creek and Big Chico Creek are additional perennial streams, both tributary to the Sacramento. The county is the home of California State University, Chico and of Butte College.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 1,677 square miles (4,340 km2), of which 1,636 square miles (4,240 km2) is land and 41 square miles (110 km2) (2.4%) is water.
The county is drained by the Feather River and Butte Creek. Part of the county’s western border is formed by the Sacramento River. The county lies along the western slope of the Sierra Nevada, the steep slopes making it prime territory for the siting of hydroelectric power plants. About a half dozen of these plants are located in the county.
The 2010 United States Census reported that Butte County had a population of 220,000.
The racial makeup of Butte County was 180,096 (81.9%) White, 3,415 (1.6%) African American, 4,395 (2.0%) Native American, 9,057 (4.1%) Asian, 452 (0.2%) Pacific Islander, 12,141 (5.5%) from other races, and 10,444 (4.7%) from two or more races.
Hispanic or Latino of any race were 31,116 persons (14.1%).
There are roughly 90 public schools in the county according to the National Center for Educational Statistics. The schools are operated by the County Office of Education and 15 school districts.
Butte Regional Transit or the B-Line, provides service in and between Chico, Oroville, Paradise, Gridley and Biggs. Chico is also a connection point for Glenn Ride buses to Glenn County and Plumas Transit Systems buses to Plumas County.
Greyhound buses stop in Chico.
General Aviation airports in Butte County include: Chico Municipal Airport, Oroville Municipal Airport, Paradise Airport, Ranchaero Airport, Richvale Airport.


Total: 33.095 sq mi
Land: 32.923 sq mi
Water: 0.172 sq mi

Population (2010)
Total: 86,187
Density: 2,600/sq mi

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Total: 18.322 sq mi
Land: 18.308 sq mi
Water: 0.014 sq mi

Population (2010)
Total: 26,218
Density: 1,400/sq mi

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Total: 13.011 sq mi
Land: 12.993 sq mi
Water: 0.018 sq mi

Population (2010)
Total: 16,061
Density: 1,200/sq mi

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Total: 14.019 sq mi
Land: 14.015 sq mi
Water: 0.004 sq mi

Population (2010)
Total: 11,310
Density: 810/sq mi

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